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Unidesk makes virtual desktop (VDI) and application management simple for IT. This revolutionary software is used with Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft RDS, and VMware Horizon to bring operational efficiency, scalability, and flexibility to your cloud.

Application Layering                            appvirt_01_400

The end to VDI application delivery pain.

Unidesk is the easiest and most complete way to package applications once and deliver them everywhere in VDI.

Windows Image                                   onegold_01_400

At last, one Gold Image to patch

Unidesk is the only way to keep Windows clean in VDI, and ensure you only have one gold image to patch for all of your persistent and non-persistent desktops.

Persistent Personalization                 persistence_02_400

All customizations saved – even user installed apps

You shouldn’t have to compromise the user experience to make virtual desktops easier to manage and more economical.

Desktop Provisioning                      laptop_layersicon_cloud_400

The easiest way to create custom VMs

Unidesk layering technology makes building virtual desktops fast and easy – even if your users all require different applications and personal settings.

Storage Optimization                             storageopt_01_400

Persistent VDI that won’t bust your storage

Don’t let storage stop you from delivering the persistent virtual desktops your users really want. We reduce space needs so your favorite flash or hybrid SAN array can handle the IOPS.

Patch, Repair, Audit and Restore     repair_01_400

Manage Windows as an on-premise Cloud utility

Unidesk provides the life cycle management capabilities that enable your Tier 1 IT admins to become VDI experts and manage Windows as an on-demand cloud utility.let storage stop you from delivering the persistent virtual desktops your users really want.